CH Stonehaven's Octavious In Ivory

Sire: Ivory's Jack Of All Trades
Dam: Stonehaven's Piliar Of Beauty
Whelped: 09/09/2008
OFA Hips/Prelims, 11/12/2009- EXCELLENT
OFA Elbows-Normal
OFA Patella-Normal
CERF # MF-356408-Normal

New Champin May 2, 2002
All grown up!  And still taking BREED!  July 2012


Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

 Ivory's Jack Of All Trades
WS 12175202 (04-08) FN BLK MSK DNA #V540242



 Ivory's Sabien Of Lazy D
WR0324150405-04) FN BLK MSK AKC DNA #V597058
CH Lazyd's Fortunate Son Of Mary
WP905357/01 09-00 FWN BLK MSK OFA24G, OFEL24 AKC DNA #V84209
CH Ironclads Ironhill Ivana
WP873774/01 09-01 FWN BLK MSK OFEL55 AKC DNA #V139423
Ivory's Lochiness Monser
WR03862403 (05-04) FN BLK MSK
CH Wrighteous Titanic Of Ivory
WP845104/10 03-01 FWN BLK MSK
CH Pandora All Gifted
WP810533/08 11-01 FWN BLK MSK OFEL24


 Stonehaven's Piliar Of Beauty
WS 10980107 (01-09) OFA24G, OFEL24, APCT Blk MSK
Headley's Roadhouse Cooler
WS03722401 (09-04) OFA32G, OFEL 32 FN BLK MSK AKC DNA #V387395
CH Windhavens Gallant Kinsmen
WP966973/03 05-01 FWN BLK MSK OFA36F, OFEL36 AKC DNA #V165725
Lady Sequoia Of Pleasantview
WP890042/04 07-03 FWN BLK MSK OFA60F, OFEL60
Stonehaven's She's No-Bodys-Fool
WS02859001 (03-05) OFA 28G, OFEL 28, BRDL BLK MSK AKC DNA #V363964
Hug-A-Mug Zeke Of Hilltopfarms
WR009600/04 08-02 BDL BLK MSK AKC DNA #V214390
Hilltop Farms Fergie
WR011951/01 05-03 APRCT BLK MSK






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